Volvo Penta Assisted Docking

There are many things in the industry that make us excited, and one of them is Volvo Penta’s new integrated Assisted Docking system. It is a specialized tool for easy docking, which will be released to the mass market in the spring.

The innovation of Volvo Penta Assisted Docking System

Car parking can be a challenge for drivers, especially in big cities. Now imagine this challenge multiplied by… a lot! And the slightest mistake can be much more expensive than abraded bumper.

Vessels, from motor boats to large catamarans, never stand still. They require careful and specific navigation not only respecting to the relative location of objects. The environment should also be taken into account – currents, wind…

As early as 2003, Volvo Penta launched a revolutionary tool called Electronic Vessel Control (EVC). Its purpose was to help make the vessel easier to operate. The second version also included improved diagnostics (on board and remote) and full control of the systems. All control is transferred to the configuration of a control joystick and a display.

Volvo Penta Assisted Docking’s innovation is that it uses the control capabilities of the EVC system and calculates in the variables of the environment. This means easier and more precise navigation.

“Assisted Docking is a hybrid between automated docking and manual docking. Even though, in some ways, it would have been easier to implement full automation, the beauty of this system is that it gives the captain enhanced control. With our team of experts – from software developers to test drivers – we have made it behave intuitively in all situations, so that anyone can feel like a seasoned captain”, says Ida Sparrefors, Director of Autonomous Solutions and New Business Models at Volvo Penta.

The benefits of Assisted Docking

  • moving in straight lines without manual compensation;
  • standing still;
  • slow maneuvering functionality;
  • rotating around a fixed point;
  • micro re-positioning and alignment;
  • side push for sideways docking.

Who will enjoy Volvo Penta Assisted Docking System?

As early as this spring, the company plans to start incorporating the new system into the new models of boats and yachts it equips. Customers with IPS yachts between 35 and 120 feet will have the opportunity to upgrade their systems. An integrated Assisted Docking system will be available directly to manufacturers.