Trim-Control система Zipwake

Our Belissima Marine team has been authorized as a regional distributor of the innovative Zipwake Trim-Control system. The high-tech Swedish brand now has it’s official Bulgarian partner.

“It is especially important for us that what we recommend to our clients is not only a reliable solution to their problems, but also a solution to the problems they have not yet encountered,” explains the manager of Belissima Holding – Petina Yaneva. According to her, Zipwake is just that kind of a solution – comprehensive and complete.

As a regional distributor of Zipwake for Bulgaria, Belissima Marine will offer delivery and installation of trim control systems Series S and Series E not only to its own customers. Zipwake products will be available when purchasing a new yacht from local distributors of the world’s largest manufacturers. In addition, the innovative trim control solutions will be available for purchase for previously owned vessels as well.

The complete range of Zipwake spare parts will be available on the Bulgarian market with direct delivery from Belissima Marine or through our dealer network in the country.

What do you know about the Zipwake trim control system?

The core of Zipwake company consists of a select team of engineers with extensive experience in marine mechanics. They came together in 2011, united by a common goal – to create the “product of their dreams” with the best specifications possible. After three years of RND, the first completed Zipwake prototype was presented to the public. It brought together the strengths of a number of competitors in the field. And so to this day, when the brand is among the leading manufacturers of intuitive solutions for managing yachts up to 100 feet.

Zipwake systems are a set of interceptors that provide:

  • More precise navigation control;
  • Faster response of each individual interceptor;
  • Greater efficiency;
  • Safer maneuvering by reducing the tilt of the vessel;
  • Fuel economy.

In general, we can divide the intuitive Zipwake trim-Control system into two main sets: the Series S, suitable for vessels between 20 and 50 feet, and the Series E, designed for larger yachts between 50 and 100 feet.

Why Zipwake?

The technical team of Belissima Marine always strives to offer its customers the best product for initial or secondary fit up of a yacht. Sometimes this is the highest quality system on the market. In other cases, it is the most balanced quality-price solution.

Zipwake is one of those brands that combines high-tech and innovative equipment with optimized value for purchase and service. The Zipwake Trim-Control system features easy compatibility and quick installation on the hull of your yacht. In addition, depending on the customer’s needs, the yacht can be “upgraded” with additional interceptors.

Series S and Series E contain zero corrosive materials. They are completely waterproof, with a stylish design and built-in motion and location sensors. After installation, the Zipwake automatic Trim-Control system completely merges with the design of your yacht.

How to order Zipwake?

As an authorized distributor of Zipwake for Bulgaria, Belissima Marine will offer directly or through its partners the entire product range of the Swedish manufacturer. After the launch of our new online catalog, you will be able to order products directly through the automated ordering system.

For now, you can make an inquiry through the contact form on the contact page, as well as by email: