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Yacht and motor boats maintenance


We want to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant journey from point A to point B. And this means taking care of your yacht’s engine.

We perform all kinds of routine and emergency repairs, using original spare parts from licensed suppliers. We work on site thanks to our mobile workshop, as well as in our service base in Varna. We also offer special “Emergency” service – immediate response and high priority.

We serve both yachts on the territory of Bulgaria and vessels in Greece, Romania. By agreement, we also respond to emergency commissions in Spain, France and Italy.



Another important element of your safe travels is maintaining the integrity of your yacht’s hull. That includes scraping / removing polyps, patching and painting.

When repairing the hull of a vessel, our team takes into account not only the specifics of the yacht itsel, but also the destination that the owner plans to visit.

Depending on the salinity of the waters in which you will sail, for example, we choose a paint with specific features. The goal is for it to keep its qualities throughout the season.

Marine engines

Belissima Marine has more than 12 years of experience in maintaining diesel and gasoline marine engines. We have worked with some of the leading manufacturers, such as:

  • Volvo Penta – low weight engines with optimized consumption and low emissions. One of the reasons they are preferred is the fact that they achieve stable speed.
  • CAT/Caterpillar – a company with a long tradition in the production of diesel and gasoline engines for vessels. One of their advantages is the well-developed global network of suppliers.
  • Onan marine engines – relatively easy and affordable to maintain.
  • Yanmar marine engines – robust and reliable.
  • Kohler – one of the company’s values ​​is the attention to detail. Each part is tested and verified to ensure maximum life of your yacht’s engine.
  • Cummins – diesel engines producer with over 100 years of tradition. They are characterized by durability, security and power. They are quiet and low emission.
  • Steyr – high efficiency marine diesel engines.

With Care For You

Trust us!

We will take care of your boat as we would take care of our own.

Because that’s how we take care of you! For your comfort and your safety.

They are priceless!

About us

Belissima Marine provides professional maintenance of yachts and industrial machines. Our services include planned/emergency repairs and seasonal maintenance of sailing and motor yachts. We assist aspiring new owners in finding their dream boat and we supply them with a variety of accessories. We also offer equipment branding.

Above all, however, Belissima Marine is a family business. For us that means more than just a job. Taking care of our clients is a mission and a passion for us.

Our goal is to offer a complete and professional marine service that will save you time and effort to enjoy the beauty of sailing.

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