Belissima Marine

Maintenance of industrial machinery


What do we specialize in?

Mining equipment

Agricultural equipment

Emergency diesel generators

Volvo construction equipment


Industrial repairs


Subscribed agricultural clients


Years of experience

What do you get?

We provide full technical maintenance of industrial equipment. Our corporate clients rely on us to keep their production process running. And in the event of any technical failure, we’ll do our best to minimize the down time.

We highly value our client’s time and corporate traditions. This is why we strive to offer them professional services that save time and money. One of our advantages is the detailed files we keep. They allow us to take preventive routine care and maintain the work capacity of all your industrial equipment.


What do we provide?

  • Specialized maintenance check-ups, service protocol and recommendations.
  • Detailed offers accompanied by a personalized financial proposal.
  • Individual approach regarding the specifics of the equipment and the specifics of the economic branch;
  • Original spare parts for industrial machines and quality consumables for them;
  • Preferential conditions for post-warranty maintenance for subscribed customers;
  • Advisement regarding the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Our experience

Our team has many years of experience in maintenance of mining equipment, emergency generators, agricultural and construction machinery etc. Our chief mechanic – Radoslav Kirilov has been in the business for more than a dozen years.

We have vast experience with Volvo Penta machines. In addition to being reliable, they also have a good supply network for high-quality spare parts. Our team always works with original consumables and offers a one-year warranty on the parts and 6 months warranty for the work done.

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