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Jet-ski repairs and maintenance

Jet-ski as a way of life

Jet-ski is not just an extreme experience. It’s also a part of a specific way of life. Just as riding a motorcycle is different from driving a car, the experience on a jet-ski differs from that on a motor boat or a yacht. Every movement of the vessel is felt stronger and more personal, and the contact with the water is somehow more intimate.

Buying a jet-ski makes sense only if you plan on using it. And not just every other weekend. And using the jet-ski means it needs taking care of. This is what we do. We perform al kinds of repairs and we provide seasonal maintenance.


Jet-ski has relatively simple construction. That means easier and more affordable maintenance as well.

The engine drives the impeller – a propeller that swirls seawater, sucking it from the front and throwing it back, pushing the jet forward.

The engine is pretty similar to that of a motorcycle or a car, but there are also specifics.

Seasonal maintenance

Jet-skis require professional seasonal maintenance just as any other marine vessel. It is recommended to be performed by an experienced mechanic.

Routine maintenance has to be performed once a year or after 50 hours of engine operation, which is relatively the same.

Annual maintenance includes routine actions such as changing the oil, filters and spark plugs, refreshing the lubricants.


After every sailing season, the jet-ski needs to be winterized. This means preparing the vessel for a long period away from the sea water.

Winterization includes basic cleaning, removing all remaining water, lubrication of moving parts, battery safety and more.

Most jet ski owners combine seasonal maintenance with winterizing the vessel in the fall.

Belissima Marine

What do We offer?

Грижа за Вашия джет

Original parts for jets Yamaha, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo and others. Quality consumables suitable for your engine. One-year warranty for the parts and six months warranty for the work.

Personal approach, individual recommendations for jet ski maintenance. Assistance and advice before purchasing a vessel.

Subscription services including annual seasonal maintenance, winterizing, complete spring recommissioning, emergency repairs.

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