Red Shard Surf Bike

Sports, great adventures on sea, entertainment. This is how we can describe RED SHARK BIKE SURF – the exciting bike surf that enables you to keep your great shape while having fun.


RED SHARK BIKE SURF is a system that combines a surfboard and a bike in one. Designed and manufactured by a Spanish company, the system includes an inflatable surf body and a bicycle device that can be mounted and dismantled according to the owner’s wishes.

The basic RED SHARK BIKE SURF Fitness kit includes:

  • Дъска от подсилен pvc материал с покритие срещу хлъзгане;
  • Inflatable board made of reinforced PVC material with anti-slip coating;
  • Board inflation pump;
  • Water bottle complete with a holder that attaches to the bicycle body;
  • 13-in-1 multi-functional tool for equipment maintenance and repair;
  • Bicycle sports seat;
  • 4 types of propellers – Sport, Training, Workout and Sport-Pro;
  • Waterproof bag for storage and transport;
  • Elastic safety net.


With the help of additional kits, you can transform your RED SHARK BIKE SURF into a paddle board, kayak, fitness platform, electric scooter or tandem.

Paddle kit

RED SHARK paddle board

The rowing set includes one adjustable length oar. The paddle is extremely easy to assemble to turn the board into a paddle board.

It is made of three components and the maximum length is 220 cm. The scooping part is 21 cm wide. The set includes security accessories.

Kayak kit

surf bike kayak kit

Turn your RED SHARK BIKE SURF into a kayak. The kit includes two oars, two folding seats and safety accessories.

All elements are made of special materials resistant to salty sea water.

Fitness kit

вело сърф фитнес комплект

Stay in shape with the great fitness kit, a complement to your RED SHARK board. Simply remove the bike equipment and use the board for fitness exercises.

RED SHARK Gym Kit includes 10 items you can use for stretching, yoga or other exercises in the relaxing atmosphere of the sea.

Scooter kit

bike surf scooter

Turn your RED SHARK Bike into an Electric Scooter. It has 10 forward speeds and three reverse speeds.


The lithium-ion battery allows you to
drive for up to 75 minutes at maximum speed and up to 7 hours at low speed.

Bike Surf Tandem

bike surf tandem

Превърнете Turn two Velo Surfers into a catamaran with the Twin Board Link Kit.

Fining only takes a few minutes, but it will provide you with an exciting experience for
two by sea.

The Tandem kit is suitable for pre-purchased two RED SHARK surfboards.


Basic RED SHARK BIKE SURF Fitness kit2675 euro
Paddle kit185 euro
Kayak kit275 euro
Fitness kit265 euro
Scooter kit1995 euro
Tandem kit245 euro

* Pricing is VAT excluded. The prices do not include shipping taxes.
You will be contacted by a consultant to inform you of the final pricing of your order.

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