Плавателен сезон

The preparation of the yacht for the sailing season begins before the first sunny spring days. After the relatively mild winter, which surprised us with cold and snow at the end, we can not help but look impatiently at the freedom of spring. However, before it occurs, we have to take care of the condition of the vessel.

Winterizing in reverse

Winter is traditionally a season during which yacht owners carry out the annual maintenance procedures of their vessel. It is necessary the maintenance to be accompanied by an in-depth diagnosis that will give more information about the technical condition of the boat.

The procedure involves several steps that are vital to the preservation of the vessel. Performing them guarantees that it will be ready to re-enter the waves during the warmer months once again.

Engine preparation

When the time comes to start preparing your yacht for the sailing season, some of the winterizing procedures must be reversed or repeated. This includes draining the old fuel with which the tank was filled during the winterizing of the boat.

Now it’s time to recycle it and replace it with new “fresh” fuel. The fuel filter and oil will need to be replaced at this time if you did not do so during the winterizing. It is also mandatory to check the belts for wear, which can be detrimental to your boat. The last step is to refresh the lubricants.

Preparation of additional systems

The cooling system also needs maintenance. Whether you dried or replaced the fluids with new ones during winter, you will now need to do it again. It is also necessary to replace the antifreeze, as well as to check the serviceability of the entire system for breakdowns and punctures, caused by temperature amplitudes.

Battery maintenance is also important. On the one hand, this will prolong their life, on the other – you will be sure that your first voyage will not be marked by the unforgettable moment when the lights go out. All batteries need to be put back in place and connected properly.

Last but not least, complete cleaning and maintenance of water storage and water-making systems is a must. This is important because stagnant water can be not only a problem in terms of your comfort. It can also be dangerous for your health because of the microorganisms that grow in it.

Preparation of underwater part and decking

The procedure for preparing a yacht for the sailing season must go through a thorough inspection of the underwater part. Even if you have carried out preventive maintenance activities before the beginning of winter, it is good to carefully inspect the housing again. The reason for this is the long cold months, rain and snow, which may have caused damage.

The decking also needs cleaning and polishing, just like the porch of a house that was empty during the winter months. Keep in mind that the decking should be greased earlier so that it stays for a while before you take the boat out of the water again.

Check your insurance policies

Leave that point for last, but don’t forget to check your insurance policies and renew them if necessary!

Plan your first trip!

The Belissima team invites you to plan the prevention of your boat early after the winter season. Trust a professional who can not only diagnose the condition, but also predict what could go wrong. So for you will remain the most pleasant task – to plan your first trip of the year and enjoy it to the fullest!