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Customizing your yacht

Style and individuality

Imagine the overwhelming feeling of watching the sunset over the sea horizon, sipping wine from a delicate glass that has your initials engraved on it. Our team will help you achieve this feeling of serene luxury. We offer complete personalization of accessories such as bed linen, utensils, fabrics, champagnes, ashtrays and more.

Be yourself and feel like the captain of your boat, no matter where you are! If details are important to you and every single element of your surroundings has to reflects your essence, trust us and together we will give your yacht the perfect makeover!


Belissima Marine delivers special yacht accessories. These include towels, sheets, bathrobes, tablecloths, napkins, cups, plates, serving cloth, utensils, champagnes, ashtrays and more.

We offer cups and utensils made of special plastic that does not break or scratch. This minimizes the risk of accidents on board. In addition, it guarantees durability and long life of all cups, plates and utensils.

We also deliver luxury towels, bathrobes and towels, textile napkins, tablecloths and more. Quality workmanship and fine fabrics will give you real relaxation and comfort during your voyage.

All you have to do is choose a destination, a bottle of wine and the company in which to enjoy the view.


It is important for the Belissima Marine team to provide our customers with a unique feeling of “home away from home” experience. At the same time, however, we want to give you the spirit of luxury, carried by those little things that make up the good life.

It is the little things that will gift you with the lasting pleasure of owning a yacht. The Belissima Marine team offers branding of glasses, plates, serving utensils, towels, bathrobes etc.

We provide assistance both in the realization of your idea and in the development of design. We can help you create your personal badge or logo to brand the equipment with.

Rediscover the spirit of elegance and turn your boat into your little paradise – an island of harmony.

Premium accessories

Belissima Marine also offers complete sets of silver glasses, plates, utensils. They will add the necessary pinch of extravagance and luxury to any of your sea adventures. The sets can also be branded, according to the customer’s taste.

Complete service

You can take advantage of a single yacht furnishing service, equipment branding or personalization of yacht accessories. We also offer special packages with a combination of the desired solutions for individual design of a vessel.


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