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Onan is a brand with a long tradition when it comes to marine equipment. David Onan started his company in 1920, foreseeing the future use of electricity. His imagination and far-sightedness brought to life a sequence of innovations such as generators and engines.

Onan production began in the 1920s with the first small electric generator of its kind. Just mere 10 years later, the first Onan gasoline engine appeared. Later the company became best known as the first American manufacturer of small diesel engines.

In 1986, Onan became part of the Cummins Corporation – one of the largest manufacturers of diesel engines in the world. The collaboration between the two leaders is yielding brilliant results. Today, Cummins Onan products offer complete solutions for marine vessels.

Why having s reliable generator is so important?

There’s no doubt that in 21st century electricity is important. It is even more important to have access to it when it is impossible to replace one source with another – when sailing or when you return home with your yacht.

The reliable generator is one of the obligatory elements of any vessel’s equipment. It will guarantee you not only the way forward, but also your access to drinking water and your connection to the world.

Choosing a quality generator is of huge importance. Especially if you do not have the necessary knowledge and/or practice to carry out emergency repairs yourself, when you do not have a mechanic specialized in repairing yachts.

Изборът на генератор е важен!

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What are the benefits of Onan?

Cummins Onan systems have several advantages that make them a good solution for your yacht:

  • Relatively affordable support;

  • Relatively easy engine maintenance;

  • Supported range of spare parts;

  • Well-developed dealer system.

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