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Kohler Co. is one of those universal American companies that operates in many different sectors. The company was founded in 1873 in Wisconsin (USA) by the Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler.

ПThe initial was for it to be a foundry workshop. Kohler Co. produced iron elements for furniture, fences, etc. Subsequently, the company switched to decorative and practical plumbing solutions./p>

Today, there are several main branches of Kochler. Among them still is production of accessories and products for kitchen and bathroom, golf equipment, interior solutions, as well as the production of… engines and generators.p>

KOHLER engines

Kohler is one of the oldest manufacturers of diesel engines. They are a product of careful design and thorough testing of every particle of the system. This makes them safe and durable. We also recommend them because of their compact design and intelligently introduced innovations.

Onboard engines

Kohler marine engines feature low weight and low emissions. These two elements help to achieve a high degree of environmental friendliness of vessels.

Kohler engines are the result of collaborations with the Italian company Lombardini, the Japanese Yanmar and the American John Deere.

Industrial engines

The company also manufactures industrial engines of various scales of power. They are used in the field of agricultural and industrial machinery, landscaping tools and construction machinery.

Kohler industrial engines are part of a separate division of the company. However, the approach to them is the same. They are a combination of tradition, innovation and experimental design.

KOHLER generators

Kohler marine generators are more compact and quieter. Their special design guarantees less vibration and greater comfort. One of their advantages is the built-in automated control system, which optimizes costs and improves productivity.

Морски и индустриални генератори

Belissima Marine


Belissima Marine offers professional maintenance and repair services for Kohler engines and generators.


We offer current and emergency repairs of Kohler engines and generators. We provide professional diagnostics and service.

Original parts

We work with original parts and consumables for Kohler engines and generators. That guarantees your safety and long life of the equipment.


Belissima Marine also offers specialized subscription services for yacht maintenance and maintenance of industrial equipment. Contact us for a personalized offer.

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