Belissima Marine performs planned and emergency repairs and routine maintenance of most renown brands of marine engines. We work exclusively with original spare parts to guarantee your safety and the durability of every repair.

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Onan diesel engines are relatively easy to maintain. This is one of the most preferred onboard engines brand for yachts and boats. Our team has extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of Onan engines.

Volvo Penta части

Volvo Penta are among the most widespread and preferred marine and industrial engines. Our team has many years of experience with this type of diesel and gasoline engines.


CAT are high-performance diesel and gasoline engines. They are suitable for higher power needs up to 3000 W.


Kohler is one of the oldest manufacturers of diesel engines. One of their advantages is the repeated testing of each component of the system. This ensures long engine life.


Belissima Marine is a partner of Sunseeker Bulgaria, which is part of the largest Sunseeker distributor in the world – Sunseeker London Group – with more than 40 offices in 20 countries in Europe and North Africa.

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