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Caterpillar is a representation of Benjamin Holt’s ambition to transform US agriculture in the early twentieth century. At the time, steam tractors were large, cumbersome and often sank into the ground.

Holt bought a not very successful patent for a chain-drive nicknamed “caterpillar”. This innovation lead to a revolution in agriculture. The machines manufactured by Caterpillar are associated with series of achievements in the fields of construction, architecture and industry.

Today, Caterpillar, or simply CAT, is one of the most famous brands for agricultural machinery, mining equipment, diesel and gas engines, turbines, and more.

CAT engines

Given the wide range of applications, Caterpillar engines come as a wide range of models with high input. Commercial marine engines reach and exceed 3000 KW.

You will recognize the CAT engine by the bright yellow color in which most models are painted, as well as by the seemingly complex industrial design. Although elaborate in appearance, Caterpillar’s marine engine are relatively easy for maintenance. Other characteristic features are durability and optimized fuel consumption.

Maximum Power

Did you know that ...

CAT engines power the Spanish frigate Alvaro de Bazán, the Mexican cruisers Justo Sierra Mendez, as well as the military cars of the British, American, Swedish, Norwegian, Swiss, Dutch and Danish armies.

Belissima Marine

CAT engine support

Belissima Marine offers professional maintenance and repair services for CAT engines and systems, used in sailing, agriculture and mining.


We carry out current, and emergency repairs of marine and industrial CAT engines. We offer complete diagnostics and complete maintenance.

Original parts

We offer original Caterpillar spare parts and consumables. We work with a licensed supplier, which guarantees your safety and long life for the engine.


We also provide subscription support for yachts and industrial equipment. It includes preferential terms for ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs.

CAT industrial machines

Belissima Marine also repairs and maintains Caterpillar industrial machines. We serve agricultural machinery, mining equipment and more.

CAT industrial machines

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