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  • 27.09.2021
  • by @dmin_0wn3R
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The experience of coziness and luxury is a combination of flattering provocations to all our senses – to the skin, sight, smell. This is the reason why Belissima Marine presents a completely new service this fall. We will offer you another level of premium experience – Belissima perfume fragrance for yacht.

Bellissima’s newest partner is Scentiment. It offers innovative fragrance systems with a stylish and elegant design. An integral part of them is the environmental concept.

Emotion of aromas

Mankind has long recognized the power of fragrances. They have the ability to create emotions, to evoke memories, to provoke our imagination, to change our atmosphere. Scents can make us relax, tone us up or awaken our sensuality. They are able to make us smile or takes us back to a distant moment in our own history.

The wide range of fragrances of the diffusers we offer will take you all around the world. You can feel the breath of perfume inspired by Guerlain, Hermes, Carolina Herrera, Bulgari, Armani, Givenchy and others. Or relax in the embrace of aromatic oils with exotic fruity notes of papaya and fig.
You can find the coziness of sweet Nutella or indulge in passionate Vanilla. Why not energize yourself with a whiff of cappuccino, for example. And all this – on board your own yacht. Your home – away from home.

Eco Friendly perfume fragrance for yacht

The innovative composition of the perfume fragrance for our yacht offered by us consists of certified diffuser oils and perfume compositions. They are distributed as a fine mist, sprayed with extreme precision, so as to cover a room up to 1200 cubic meters.

The product is not an aerosol and will not affect the marine life. With all natural ingredients, the perfumes are non-toxic and not dangerous for children or pets. Each of the fragrances is carefully selected and the oils are balanced to create a fine atmosphere of luxury.

Long diffuser life

The diffuser is equipped with a calibrated Japanese pump. Its warranty is 10,000 working hours or 2 years. The stylish perfume yacht fragrance can be easily programmed to freshen the air on board at your preferred frequency. The whole system has a power supply of only 8W, which makes it ideal for yachts of different calibers. Each diffuser oil can fill the interior with fragrance for up to about 130 working hours or for weeks or even months.

Stylish addition to the interior

Each yacht air freshener is available in two colors – white and black, so that it fits perfectly into the interior of your boat. It can also be installed within the ventilation system so that it remains completely hidden.

You can order your yacht fragrance directly from Belissima by choosing the oil or oils that enchant your senses. Your mechanic will install and adjust your diffuser according to your requirements. And for yourself it remains to enjoy the amazing aroma.

Customizing yachts

The perfume fragrance service for yachts is part of Belissima Marine’s activity for personalizing yachts. It includes delivery and branding of special accessories for your boat. These include towels, sheets, bathrobes, tablecloths, cups, plates, serving cloth, champagnes, ashtrays and more.